I don’t want to blow my own horn about it but we grabbed the “Best Country Award” in the 2014 Basketball World Championship in Spain. Amazing! We are one of the craziest basketball fans on earth and it’s not like we’re bowling over winning the MVF award because roughly all Filipinos have their eyes on the virtual world. (Thank you FIBA, you are very much appreciated. Thank you. Haha!) Social network is a drug, and it’s the easiest way we can show support for our countrymen.

(Here’s pops and my little sissy holding some signs while watching a Gilas game.)

Especially if we can’t go to Spain to watch the games live. I remembered we got up at 2am to watch their game against Greece. That’s what you call commitment to our basketball. Haha! This is too much singing my own praises. Sorry.

Does it even matter if we won the “Best Country Award”? We did not even make it to the second round of the tournament for Christ’s sake. Winning the BCA crap whatever is a joke. It doesn’t put a team into the finals winning gold or any medal. Please don’t yank somebody’s chain. That’s what most people will say if they’ll read my crap write-up about winning the award particularly those who will never understand where we are coming from.

All screeching, screaming, crying fans are valuable. There is always such thing as “best fans ever” even if there are some who are extreme and more passionate. How we convey and lug the trolley of fondness and devotion to it is the disparity or distinction we have. We are not like the Argentinian fans that are really loud and proud when they support their team. We are more of the loud, emotional, and honoured fans when we watch our team. And Filipinos always make sure they’re being heard. It could be why other nations are getting annoyed of us because we’re all over social media. And that’s fairly because we want to be heard.

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Photo via FIBA.com

Gravely I have had too many heart attacks watching Gilas Pilipinas games for years. Not to mention our games against Korea for the past years. Kaya pala “PUSO!” kasi nakakaatake sa puso.

Those were by far the craziest attacks I ever had being a basketball fan wherein I had to take in all assaults in less than 24hours every day Gilas play in Spain. I almost lost it, not only my mind, but my high hopes of making it to the Round of 16 after close calls on our first 4 games in 36 years.

Masisisi niyo ba ‘ko? We should have won our first 4 games if only we were not experiencing some kind of a 4th quarter jinx.

On their first game against Croatia at 6:30PM (PHT), I was still on my way home from the computer shop after updating the accounts of Gilas Army sending support for the national team. I had to run and stop a tricycle to bring me home on time for the first game of Gilas in Spain. When I was in the tricycle, I was already weeping thinking about our national anthem being played. It was freaking 6:30 already. I needed to get home. Then suddenly the tricycle stopped at the gasoline station. I almost died! I wanted to stab myself with whatever that moment. I wasn’t able to stop myself from crying. I am late. I am freaking late. When I got home, I missed the playing of our national anthem, I missed the first quarter, and I missed the 1st 10 minutes of a Gilas story.

They did not win the game. What more is I don’t understand why I still felt proud even we lost the game. That was probably the first time that I have never been heartbroken of a loss.

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Y’all know how much high school sucks for me. The good thing is it ain’t all bad consistently. Thanks to my girls who made my high school days colorful and fruitful.I wouldn’t endure and be able to live the tale of those almost wild days if it weren’t for the companionship we have. You are my closest pals in high school, and I know you know me better than anyone else that’s why I trust you so much – until now, actually.

Well, its been a while since our Chicha reunion in 2012 besides Cyrile didn’t make it that time. She’s been too eventful for the past years. Haha ;) Anyway, we’re very glad she rolled up. This get-together came about out of nowhere. One day we agreed to watch a movie after our classes. I think we watched Starting Over Again, a good movie – a great one. 


L-R: Georgia, Me, Cyrile, and Raisa

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May 22, 2014 - To set the record straight, I am not a San Mig Super Coffee Mixers’ fan. I have never in my life been a James Yap fan or a Peter June Simon fan. I don’t like James Yap personally. He’s a dumbass. And yes, it had always been my issue when for some reason he did not want to commit to our national team. Anyway, we don’t need him anymore. I’m not bitter, he’s a douchebag for not wanting to represent. That’s it. That’s why I never liked any San Miguel team.

I sincerely prayed that they will not get the grandslam this season. I prayed to all the saints. For whatever reason, they won’t listen to me. Haha! And I guess I was the most irrational TNT fan to ever come to their opponents’ victory party. What a traitor of me. I was there for Marc Pingris and Mark Barroca. And I know I was party crashing.

We travelled right after we got our grades from school. It was a 2 hour slogged. Thank you to my SMC fangirlfriends for forcing me to come. The 6 hours wait was worth it.




We arrived more or less at 12PM. The first 200 will have a ticket (free food and jersey + photo op). Aww! We can’t even sit on the floor while waiting. Darn! How can SM Magnolia be this strict?


We were starving after a long walk from LRT to SM Magnolia. Grabe! Thank God I didn’t faint. It was summer, hello. It’s HOT. And thank God SM Magnolia’s interior design was good. It wipes the sweats away.

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For the past months, running this blog site was a diversion from reality as a matter of fact. I got to write everything I want to say like how Miley Cyrus put it in her song “It’s my mouth I can say what I want to.” Even if I know that there have always been limitations on how I (can) express my freedom of speech. And for the past months I was halfway on finding the “perfect” blog name for this site. I constantly end up finding erroneous ones. Now I got my nickname on my header, and I guess it fits.

Memento Mori – I was looking for idyllic blog names months ago and I wind up searching “popular Latin phrases, tattoos”. Carpe Diem each time pops out on every site I got into. Yeah, seize the day. More like go do your thing and be young, wild, and free. And then there’s Memento Mori – Remember that you will die. Honestly, it sounds creepy to me granting that it is a close relative of Carpe Diem. I love it tho.

I know I’m not the kind of blogger whom people will go crazy wanting to read every write-up I post. I’m not the kind of blogger who’ll pose in the woods for a fashion blog post. (I tried but I can’t make a trash bag look good on me – ‘cause I look like one myself. Chos!) We’re unique in our own way, right? I can’t imagine a world where every girl looks like Taylor Swift and every boy looks like Justin Bieber.

Every blogger has their kind of free will, looseness. We share what we think we want to read back in the future. Some would just share because they want to see how many likes they got. I think it’s venal when you think about it. It’s egoistic. But that’s why we’re blogging. We want someone to read it and to appreciate it. Because most of the time the people in our virtual world are the ones who listens and understands us the most.

I say write up! Remember that you will die. Write whatever you want to write. Just remember to know the virtual restrictions. You should not write to hold people down. Write because you love to write. Write because you want to write. Write because you want to be heard and to achieve your own freedom from strife. Do not blame those who want to have the good life because of it. All the perks, the endorsements and sponsorships other receives are because they already passed they’re virtual exams. They remained who they are and who are they writing for. Write something that will make you smile. This is a virtual world after all.

When I think about it, at least I have something to leave my family when I die. As much as possible, I’m keeping all my memories in the virtual world so when the time comes, my little sister won’t say or even think that I haven’t love her because I yell at her most of the time. She will be able to read my blog posts and realize how happy I am to have her beside me. I took the chance again this year. I want to tell everyone who’s been part of my life how grateful I am to have them. I’m afraid they won’t be reading any of it.

Live your life and write! xxBorj